We are pleased to inform you that we "The Surat Zari Manufactures Association" have obtained Geographical Indications Registration falling in Class 23; "Surat Zari Craft"; G.I. No.171. issued by Govt. of india, Registrar of Geographical Indications Intellectual Property Ministry of commerce.

"The Surat Zari Manufacturers Association" in the authorised proprietor of Surat Zari Craft G.I.No.171, and our members are authorised users Part-B.

Surat Zari Craft logo is a recognized benchmark for the consumer and also serves as an additional quality assurance tool for the manufacturer of Saree, Dhooti, Dress Materials, Mundu Set etc.

Surat Zari Craft Logo certifies that Immitation Zari Thread contains morethan 10 gms. Silver per1 kg. copper wire used.

It would be appreciated if you expand your business opportunity by using Immitation Zari thread affix with Surat Zari Craft Logo.